How We Can Help

Tread Lightly. Make A Difference.

I grew up playing outside. I bet you did, too. Most summer days my sister and I were found splashing wildly in the pool – perfecting our fake water ballet, or playing Marco Polo – until we were called inside to eat something before we turned to prunes. As if prunes are a bad thing or something.

Here’s where we can all help. Pick just ONE thing that you’re willing to do differently this week, then go DO it! Grab a friend, pick up a trash bag, hug a tree, be more mindful. Let’s go!

• Pick up trash
• Carpool
• Use less water & electricity
• Give love to a tree/plant/rock, the ground, a river/ocean, the stars/moon/sun
• Recycle more
• Throw away less
• Spend less
• Give more

• Take less
• Plant something, water something, nurture something

Creating a better planet happens with one person at a time, so let’s get crackin’!

Race ya’ to the swings!

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