Tellington TTouch® Training

Reduce Stress. Shift Behavior. Inner Peace.

Omaha2Want a better behaved pet? Interested in helping your animal live a longer, healthier, stress free life? Tried everything and nothing seems to work?

Tellington TTouch® Training is a gentle “no fear/no force” method of training that has been supporting animals and people for over 40 years.

It is practiced worldwide and helps balance animals (and humans) mentally, physically and emotionally. TTouch is easy to learn and has amazing results!

SageLTJDeveloped by Linda Tellington-Jones, Tellington TTouch® is great for challenges such as: barking, aggression, biting, scratching, jumping, leash pulling, potty issues, aging, end of life, grooming, vet visits, fears, thunderstorm/firework sensitivity, anxiety, performance issues, shyness, chewing, digging and more!

Private Sessions • Workshops • Public Speaking

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