Animal Hospice Consulting

Support. Honor. Peace of Heart.

Gabbyhead2When aging and transitioning begins with a pet, it can be a really tender time. My first greyhound, Gabby, passed away on Valentine’s Day many years ago and it was really traumatic at the time. After Gabby’s euthanasia, I was so upset that I became determined to find a gentler, more natural way to help animals and their humans prepare for transition.

When my second greyhound, Clio, moved forward I witnessed the beauty of transition, and how important it is to work through grief ahead of time. After Clio’s death, and the death of my father a week prior to that, I became interested in helping others find grace and peace during transition.

It’s best to call before your pets are in crisis, and I know JavaBlanketthat’s not always possible. Animal Hospice Consulting allows you and your pets to have a more peaceful transition time – getting to know what their desires are, how they’re feeling, how far along they are in their process, and how you can support them.

Most sessions are done via phone, but I am also available to come to your home to support you and your pets with Animal Communication, Tellington TTouch® and or Shamanic Healing to support them (and you) in their transition process.

Emergency calls take priority.

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