Animal Communication

Understand. Shift Behavior. Peace of Mind.

Want to know why your pet is doing what they’re doing? How they feel mentally, physically and emotionally? Want to connect with pets who have passed on? Interested in tapping into a deeper side of your companion animal? Animal Communication is a great tool for those “hard to figure out” questions or concerns.

Private Long Distance Sessions ~ How It’s Done
We set up a phone appointment, and then I work from my house while you and your pets are in your location. It’s okay if you can’t be near your pet. It’s best to come to your session ready to ask a number of open ended questions (ie: How is my pet feelng? vs. Are they happy?)

If you are interested, I will ask Spirit to include plant medicine(s) and power stone(s) that would be beneficial for your pet’s highest good at that time – adding my shamanic healing work into my animal communication work. Please specify if you’d like me to add this to your session. You may want to take notes during your session.

PLEASE EMAIL THE FOLLOWING PRIOR TO SESSION: digital photo of pet(s) (headshot and/or body shot with their name, age, sex in the title of the photo – ie: BuddyM6.jpg), your name, address, phone.

I also appreciate referrals, and knowing how you found me!

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